About us

Patricia Jussen is the founder and driving force of We help Paws.

Originally she owns the company „Ongewoon Bijzonder” in Heerlen, the Netherlands, were she provides creative workshops every day.

Patricia is a passionate animal lover and their welfare (all animals all over the world) is very important to her.

In her spare time she visited different countries (Spain, Cambodia and India) to voluntarily support the local vets and people in practice.

She collected money and goods for every country she visited. With that money, goods were bought on the spot so that not only the animals were helped with it, but also the local tradespeople benefited. Also this money was used for neutering projects and vaccination projects for stray cats and stray dogs.

Started as a local charity has now grown into a fully-fledged organization with the aim of helping all animals worldwide.

In the course of time she inspired people with her love and passion for this kind of charity and volunteering, which resulted in a small team of volunteers and many people who collect and donate goods and fundings.

Assisted by the helpful volunteers, Joukje van Oorschot and Gertie Willemsen, the organization We help Paws has emerged under the wings of Patricia Jussen.

All donations will be spent on animals, there will go no money to overhead or personal expenses and all travelling and accomodation costs will be paid personally by the volunteers.

Enlarge We help Paws network is her passion. This is were her heart is. Her mission is helping different animal welfare organisations and connect them together so they can help each other.