What we do

Who are we and what do we do?

We are a few women from the south of the Netherlands (Heerlen) who want to help all kinds of animals all over the world, in all kind of ways.

We collect medical supplies like syringes, bandages, operating supplies, blankets and towels etc..

Ongewoon Bijzonder donates goods for the lotterys, which enables us to raise money. We find out which goods are needed were and then send the nescessary goods to the correct shelter or organisation. So no goods will be wasted.

We do volunteering work all over the world.

Joukje van Oorschot and Patricia Jussen at Animal Aid Unlimited February 2019

We finance spay and neuter projects for stray cats and stray dogs and we also pay for operations and vaccinations. As we still have a lot of rabies and other fatal diseases in the world.

If you need help with your project you can always send us a message and we will try to help.

If you have goods like medical supplies, bandages, collars, dogjackets, blankets or towels we are happy to receive them.

Supplies donated for cats

Please send a message if any enquiries and we will answer you asap.

We do not just want to help 1 organisation or 1 kind of animal.

We do all the work with volunteers who will not get paid.
We will always pay for our own travelling expenses and accommodation.