Oktober 2021

To our grief, a remarkable animal lover unfortunately passed away.
Hans cared so much about the fate of animals all over the world he made sure his will included a financial donation for We help Paws.
Also Hans donated a special operating table lamp and a magnifying lamp we can use while operating.

We help Paws and all animals we could help because of this, will always be grateful to Hans Coenen for this generous gift.

September 2021

We help Paws received a wonderful donation, intended for the We help Paws animal hospital in India.

June 2021

We help Paws had a great donation from Dierenvoedselbank Hart voor huisdieren Limburg (Animal Foodbank heart for pets).
Infusions, needles, bandages, anti flea agent, cough syrup, gloves and much more 🙏❤️🍀
Thank you, we can help a lot of animals with that donation.

February 2021

Last week we collected a lot of stuff for the animals in Spain and Romania.
Blankets, towels, bandages, food, first-aid kit, stuff for the store etc.

A part of the blankets and towels are going to Spain and the other part is going to Stichting Zeldafoundation.

Because together we are strong.

We donate supplies to Tom Animal Welfare Society India.

November 2020

We went to Amsterdam today to pick up a truck full of goods for animals, to divide over animals in need and shelters. We are able to help many animals and shelters.

November 2020

Today we donated goods and medical supplies to the guineapigshelter De Reddertjes in Schinveld (Limburg, the Netherlands)

July 2020

Today we donated goods to the Hedgehog Shelter in Stein, The Netherlands.

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March 2020

The India adventure 2020 is over already. Today Patricia is traveling home together with Bubbha.


On my way to Cambodia Akareach Animal Clinic to pick up Bubbha, still time to cuddle.

Bubbha gets a new loving home in the Netherlands.

February 2020

Patricia has decided to pay an introductory visit to Sarvoham Animal Foundation Bangalore India

The first impression was that Sarvoham Animal Foundation Bangalore India
could really use all help. The founder tries with the few resources present to help and rescue any animal in need.

We help Paws donated money several times to buy food en for the building of a puppyshelter.

This shelter is eager for volunteers!

February 2020

Wake up call at Animal Aid Unlimited Udaipur India.

January 2020

We help Paws traveled to Udaipur India for a third time and brought 120 kilos of goods, medicines and bandages.

We help Paws donate this to Animal Aid Unlimited


Thanks to all of you for your gifts. All of this would not be possible without your help.

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August 2019

Last august we traveled for a second time to Animal Aid Unlimited Udaipur India.

We donated goods and medicines an sponsored dogs financially.

Thanks to all the people who donated goods and money.

We where able to donate 350 rabies vaccins and we sponsored merin the chicken and buffy the water buffalo.

Besides that we locally bought in Udaipur and donated a lot of goods, medical supplies and food to Animal Aid

Below you find a photoalbum of this wonderful experience.

Animal Aid Photoalbum