We helped already

One World Sanctuary Thailand
We donated twice an amount of 150 euro to buy food to One World Sanctuary Thailand
We donated an amount of 540 euro for electricity and 300 euro to buy food.

Gaga Animal Care Greece
We organised 2 dinner nights were we collected money for Gaga Animal Care Greece.
Ongewoon Bijzonder sponsored a painting for a lottery and collected 183 euro.

We Care Worldwide Animal Charity Sri Lanka
We donated and send over 40 kilograms of goods to We Care Worldwide Animal Charity Sri Lanka

Animal Rescue Sofia Bulgary
We help Paws donated goods twice (medical supplies, bandages, blankets dogbaskets) to Animal Rescue Sofia Bulgary.
Animal Rescue Sofia is a Bulgarian organization working to solve the stray dog and cats problem in Sofia. With the help of thousands of people we created our own shelter – the Farm, where 200 souls find treatment and care 365 days in a year. We are always open for adoptions and the shelter clinic offers free spaying and neutering.

Tails of Compassion
Whilst visiting India February 2019 we also donated 200 euro to Tails of Compassion.
Tails of Compassion (ToC) is all about tender love care (TLC). They provide a compassionate home for senior, special-needs dogs and other animals.
This shelter was pointed out to us by Wings for Animals who do a great job all over the world. We help each other with goods and logistics.

Animal Aid Unlimited in India
Currently we collected goods and raised money for Animal Aid Unlimited India, where we have been in January en February 2019.

Cambodia Sihanoukville

Now we are starting up a project together with a veterinarian from Cambodia Sihanoukville.
She made it her goal to help the dogs at Police Beach Kong Ro.
We are identifying what we need to solve this problem. In any case we need to neuter and spay and vaccinate.

SOS Sri Lanka
In January 2020 we donated 5 pallets of goods and medicines to SOS Sri Lanka

We Care Worldwide Sri Lanka
We donated 60 kg of goods to We care worldwide in Sri Lanka.

The Wings for Animals Foundation
The Wings for Animals Foundation, founded by KLM flight attendants, supports small to medium-sized projects around the world that are committed to animal welfare. "We help where the need is greatest through financial donations, assistance with local shelters, organizing sterilization and vaccination projects, transportation of medical devices and virtual adoption programs." The Wings for Animals Foundation is a non-profit organization and depends on donations .
Volunteers regularly visit our projects and can see with their own eyes how the financial donations are spent.

  • We donated goods for projects in Tanzania

  • We donated goods for projects in Suriname.

Sarvoham Animal Foundation Bangalore India
Patricia has decided to pay an introductory visit to Sarvoham Animal Foundation Bangalore India
The distance is approximately 1100 miles, so the journey was made by plane. The costs of this visit are funded from Patricia's private resources.
The first impression was that Sarvoham Animal Foundation could really use all help. The founder tries with the few resources present to help and rescue any animal in need.
This shelter is eager for volunteers!